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Reaver PRO Crack Apk Free Download

Reaver PRO Crack Apk for Windows and Android Free Download

Reaver PRO Crack Apk Free Download

Reaver PRO is a Wi-Fi protected setup attacking software which is developed by technical, network solution that open a setup design error in WPS. This is the best tool to open and recover all sorts of passwords. The security of WPA and PSK is clean and safe.  This liability opens a side channel spasm which is against WPA (Wi-Fi protected access).

Working of Reaver PRO 

WPS allows you to enter 8 digit pin and then in next step connected to any other network simply. REAVER PRO will make you able to identify PIN and gave you a correct password. You fully found a simplest, easiest way to reach all the Wi-Fi connections.

The best thing of Reaver pro is that is very secure and safe and gave you no harm with any sorts of virus or malicious software. So you can download it and enjoy Wi-Fi in safe and sound way as it gave no harm to your android or system.


  • You can attack all the connections of the area and can change all settings and password.
  • It can connect to any device when he found any Wi-Fi protected access.
  • It has an automatic detection system which can detect all connected devices and router.
  • You can reach all settings and by using advanced GUI you can also change the settings.
  • With the availability of Wi-Fi protected access then it directly connects to devices.
  • It can also detect Wi-Fi protected setup router.
  • It does not give you any extra knowledge and data for its features to run.
  • It makes GUI able to expose all networks and devices nearby.
  • When required it apart and desperate monitor-mode automatically.

How to use 

  • Download Reaver pro
  • Extract the folder
  • Run setup and click next
  • Now select the dictionary in your SD, AP also select to audit, click on start for the automatic key injection process to begin.
  • The automatic key injection can be stopped manually or automatically stops if the key is to get the correct IP address.

How to install 

  • Download the link below.
  • Here you download the [ Official Site ]
  • Open and install this software.
  • Close the software.
  • Copy the license file.
  • Wait till it completed.
  • Now enjoy full free crack software.
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