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ManyCam Pro 4 Activation Codes Free Download

ManyCam Pro 4 Activation Codes Free Download

 ManyCam Pro 4 Activation Codes which helps to use webcam with multiple conversation applications like Skype, MSN, and YouTube at a time and therefor it is named as ManyCam. Background can be changed by using this software.   It is a free webcam effects software change your webcam and PC into a live video studio. Use your webcam with multiple apps at a time. ManyCam Pro 4 activation code is software used to activate the ManyCam Pro for life time.

The key features of ManyCam are;

  • From the ManyCam website, we can Download all Pro Audio Video effects
  • We can Make and save up to six video preset windows.
  • Before streaming live, we can Change video presets in the preview mode.
  • Can be use audio files as an input audio stream.
  • Can Use the limitless number of audio streams from microphones at the same time
  • Can Use vocal sound changer technology to mask your vocal sound for a screencast vocal sound over, make people fun, or can make friends and family fool.

Steps involving the installation of ManyCam are

  • See the ManyCam Setup dialog where choose Standard or Custom installation.
  • The “Standard” option is selected by default.
  • Select “Custom”  to choose where to install ManyCam
  • Then click “I agree – install”.
  • Setup will now extract the ManyCam files.
  • After the setup is finished, click “Finish”.
  • ManyCam is now installed and ready for use.

Minimal System requirements for installation are

  • Microsoft windows XP, Vista, windows 7 windows  8, windows 8.1
  • Intel Celeron,i3 or faster processor
  • 2 GB RAM

Application of ManyCam

  • Normally in web cam only a single photo can be open due operating system limitation. In web cam many pictures and audio can open simultaneously.
  • At a time, many picture sources can be seen.
  • Various effects can be applied to the picture.

and here is Download